Digital Identity Standards are Emerging at an Accelerated Pace

ID Verifact Delivers Stronger Data Privacy & Security

ID Verifact is Prodigy’s new digital identity platform and related services offering. It is focused on accelerating the market adoption of secure digital identity solutions for banking, payments, insurance, retail, charitable donations and other uses.

ID Verifact is developing a multi-tenancy secure digital identity platform and associated services for a number of initiatives, including new account creation and digital signature, account maintenance and recovery, and eligibility checks, including age verification, delivered online, over telephone channels or at brick-and-mortar locations.

The ID Verifact platform will also enable the rapid onboarding and adoption of Verified.Me, an offering of SecureKey Technologies. Verified.Me is being adopted by many Canadian banks and others (digital asset providers) to enable secure, permission-based digital asset transfers to businesses requesting personal digital assets when such requests are authorized by a consumer. Verified.Me is built on the IBM blockchain. Prodigy is a SecureKey Partner.

And with ID Verifact, in addition to mobile and web apps, you can also facilitate convenient and secure account linking within voice applications.


Identity Solutions

Safely verifying credentials is very important for customers. They need to feel that their information is being treated under the tightest security measures. ID Verifact offers many solutions for your identity verification needs.

Banking Solutions

Today, banking needs to be fast, secure and, convenient. No one wants their private banking information to fall into the wrong hands. ID Verifact can help with your privacy concerns for your customer’s satisfaction.

Charity Solutions

Giving to charity is an admirable way to contribute to the community and support the less fortunate. Make sure your client is satisfied with their recognition quickly and conveniently. ID Verifact makes it easy to collect and verify the information needed to distribute an electronic tax receipt.


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    New Account Creation & Digital Signature

    Create a new account to let your users make a safe, verifiable digital identity.
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    Account Maintenance & Recovery

    Keep your account up to date and never worry about losing access to it.
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    Eligibility Checks

    Verify identities online, over the phone or, in person easily.
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    Onboard with Verified.Me

    Verified.Me is a secure, permission-based digital verification tool built using blockchain.
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Ingenico Connected Screen

Making a donation is quick and easy

Ingenico Connected Screens have NFC hot spots that allow for quick payments just by tapping. ID Verifact connected Verified.Me to allow charity donation receipts to be sent to the user in a secure and proper fashion.

POS Age Verification

Verify your identity without needing your ID

ID Verifact uses Verified.Me to check a customer’s identity at a point-of-sale (POS) system. Using this system, the customer’s identity is verified safely, quickly and securely.